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Compression Garment
Lymphedema & Vascular

Ready-To-Wear (RTW):
Ponsi keeps a wide variety of Manufacturers &  Compression Garment Styles in RTW in stock. Each style & manufacturer carries multiple colors.
Our staff is certified to measure for RTW garments.
Ponsi's has several Certified Custom Compression Specialists whom were Certified by each manufacturer Ponsi carries.
Custom garments are Made-To-Measure ensuring that the garment is made to each customers specific requirements and body structure. 
**All Compression Garments Require a Prescription to order**
Burn & Scar Management
Burn garments help to control the growth of abnormal scar tissue resulting from severe injuries, such as burns or post surgical complications.  They are engineered to exert uniform (even) pressure from the distal end to the proximal end.
Burn Garments are most often prescribed to control abnormal conditions, including Hypertrophic Scarring, Burn Contracture and Keloids, resulting from:
  • Fire, Chemical and Electrical Burn Injuries to the Dermal Tissue
  • Post Surgical Complications
Every Gottfried brand burn garment is Made-to-Measure. They are individually engineered, designed and constructed to satisfy a specific patient's or customer's unique requirements.
The fabric of a burn garment is softer than is used for a vascular support. The softer fabric also aids in the prevention of skin breakdown.
* Zippers
*Silicone Bands
* Web Spacers
* Linings
* Flex Seams
* Ensil Silicone Inserts
          * Insurance does not cover Ensil
             Silicone Inserts.
For Questions Regarding Custom Compression Garments 
Please contact Tessa at 
(724) 864-2210 x 104